WCCE Exec2Exec Zoom Call Survey

Your input will help WCCE gauge the continued value of hosting the twice a month Zoom calls. Thank you

I prefer to respond anonymously:
1) Did you attended an Exec2Exec Zoom call during 2021?

2) If "Yes" to questiosn #1, approximate how many did you attend?

(There were 23 calls held)

3) Overall, how would you rate the Exec2Exec Zoom calls?

(On a scale from 1-5, 1 being no value to 5 being well worth my time)

4) What would provide more value to the Exec2Exec Zoom calls?

(Click all the apply)

5) How often should the Exec2Exec Zoom calls be held?

6) What day of the week would work best for future calls?

(Check all that apply)

7) What block of time works best for future calls?

(check all that apply)

8) Please list any other thoughts or comments you have on the Exec2Exec Zoom calls:

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