2020 OSCC - WCCE Virtual Conference Survey

What has been impact of the COVID-19 virus outbreak on your chamber operations.

Your input will be helpful in providing insight to better gauge how to deal with this serious economic challenge impacting the Chamber's ability to provide important services to the business community.

Please note that Friday, April 17th, WCCE will be conducting another Exec2Exec web call for Chamber Executives to share the latest on the COVID-19 impact effecting their community and chamber.

Are you a member WCCE?
What is the population of the area that your Chamber serves?
What is the number of members currenlty in your Chamber?
What was your membership dues revenues for the last 12 months?
What was your non-dues income revenues for the last 12 months?

(include contracts, events, sales of itmes, etc.)

How many full time employees does your Chamber employ?

(include yourself if full-time...and any employee over 30 hrs a week)

How many part-time employees does your Chamber employ?

(include yourself if you are considered part-time...and any employee less than 30 hrs per week)

What is your annual salary?
Do you currently have an employement contract (agreement)?
Do you participate in an annual preformance apprasial?
Do you have a retirement program in which your Chamber contributes monetarily?
If yes, describe the type of retirement program along with either the amount and/or percentage paid by the Chamber
Do you have medical insurance coverage in which the Chamber contributes monetarily to the premium?
If yes, describe the medical coverage along with either the amount and/or percentage paid by the Chamber
Does your Chamber provide you an automobile benefit (such as an auto allowance, mileage reimbursement, etc.)?
Does your Chamber pay for your membership(s) in civic and professional organizations (i.e., Rotary, Lions, WCCE, WSAE, WACE, ACCE, US Chamber, etc)?
Do you participate in a bonus program? (i.e. bonuses paid for meeting budget, new members, etc.)
Does your Chamber budget money for continuing education and/or your professional development?

(include conferences, US Chamber Institute, WACE Academy, etc.)

What other types of Insurance does your Chamber provide you in which it pays some or all of the premiums? (Please check all that apply)
Is there anything you would like to add, make comment about or see in the next salary/benefit survey?

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