Welcome to Washington Chamber of Commerce Executives (WCCE)

WCCE is the professional development association for Washington State Chamber professionals and their staff. For over 50 years, WCCE has been the leader in bringing information, resources and support to its members.

WCCE Mission: Advancing Chambers of Commerce by connecting chamber professionals to information and resources they need to succeed through education, coordination and facilitation.

The following is an overview of highly prioritized services and products that WCCE provides to its membership:


WCCE Leadership Conference

Date: October 25 - 27, 2021
Location: Clarkston, WA
Attendance: Chamber executives and staff
Purpose: Information, education and network focused towards the chamber professional and staff.


Public Web Site

Address: http://www.wcce.org

A portal web site for WCCE member chambers to direct traffic to their web sites.

Purpose: To provide access to all WCCE member chambers through the use of current technology (computers & intranet) to access information and resources to manage their chambers of commerce.

Specifics: User-name and password protected. Features of the Intranet include: Email list serve, web site, discussion board, email and a resource library. Microsoft has donated software to WCCE for Washington State Chambers (postage & handling charge only while supplies are limited).


Purpose: One-on-one support from experienced chamber professionals that provide assistance to chamber executives and staff.

WCCE Exec2Exec Zoom Calls

Purpose: Provide an opportunity for Chamber professionals to hear from WCCE Partners (AWB, WA Retail Assoc., US Chamber of Commerce, WA Hospitality Association, etc.) and their share best practices.


Purpose: To enable Chamber executives and staff with various experience and financial levels to attend organization management training.

Type: Scholarships to the WCCE Leadership Conference

Resource Library

Purpose: Provide and share easy to access information and resources amongst the Washington State Chamber Community.


- The Washington Chamber Professional (WCP)  eNewsletter
- WCCE Membership & Washington State Online Chamber Directory

- WCP eNewletter
- Career Opportunities Bulletin
- WCCE Google Groups List Serve
- WCCE Facebook Page
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